In the CHD warehouse, the warehouse manager manages all incoming and outgoing goods for CHD and Sieger agricultural/field sprayers.

You can order all parts for CHD agricultural/field sprayers from CHD Eefting by telephone, fax or e-mail:

Telephone:         +31(0)599-588032

Fax:                   +31(0)599-588031


We also have all parts for Sieger HD agricultural/field sprayers in stock.

Most CHD and Sieger parts can be delivered within 24 hours. Thanks to wide-ranging knowledge and experience, the warehouse manager can inform you about the entire range CHD and Sieger items and order them for you immediately or send them from stock. We have all the most common parts for CHD and Sieger sprayers are in stock, which means that besides being able to order them, there is also a pick-up option.

The "Metaalunievoorwaarden" (Dutch Metal Industry Terms and Conditions), filed on 1 January 2019 apply to all our deliveries.