Working method

A concise explanation of production of a sprayer

You, the customer, let us know your wishes, which we then process and elaboorate. After that, our chief production technician will start building your machine in the following way.

All the pieces of steel are cut out in our cutting shop. The steel cutter is informed about the type of sprayer and he cuts the pieces to size, based on the relevant drawings.

Welding shop
When all steel parts are cut, they are taken to the welding shop. Here pre-made forms for the type of sprayer in question are used to assemble its components, e.g. the frame, spray booms and swingarm.

Paint spray shop
Once all the parts are welded the aluminium ones are given a special phosphor treatment and the steel ones are blasted to eliminate any corrosive action. After this treatment, the parts are sprayed with the primer and dried. When the parts are dry, they are sprayed with our unique green, which is made specially for us.

In the assembly hall all necessary parts are put together to create the sprayer you ordered.

When your sprayer is ready, it is taken to the test track. Here, we test it extensively to check that all its parts are working optimally. The sprayers are also inspected for certification here.

When the sprayer is ready, we can deliver it to you, the customer, with our transport.