Type Fusee.

The following tank types are available:

  • F3000: max. Tank capacity 3,000 litres with 650 litres of clean water tank
  • F4100: max. Tank capacity 4,100 litres with 650 litres of clean water tank
  • F5200: max. Tank capacity 5,200 litres with 650 litres of clean water tank
  • F7000: max. Tank capacity 7,000 litres with 650 litres of clean water

The spray boom:

The high-quality, S355 steel boom is available in working widths from 27 to 54 meters. In consultation with CHD almost all intermediate and unusual working widths can be delivered. All boom types up to 42 meters are 3-fold (4-fold optional). From 42 meters working width, the booms are in a 4-fold layout The outer ends are foldable simultaneously as standard (independent left and right folding is optional). There are cable trays mounted on boom sections 1–3, to protect and carry all cables and hoses to the correct part of the spray boom.
FG bomen uitgeklapt



uitleg balans

The entire boom is mounted on a central roller (1). A cylinder (2) provides balance adjustment, while the potentiometer (4) is responsible for the centring the balance. Two track rods (picture below) prevent machine movements being transferred to the boom.                 

The balancing lock is activated and deactivated by two cylinders (3).
This allows the balance to move freely even in the highest position.
And this allows a spray height of 2,800 mm under the spray nozzles.

uitleg balans 2


The lift mast:


The lift mast comprises two S355 u-profiles.         achterframe fusee
The intermediate frame (equipped with high quality steel rollers), which raises and lowers the boom, runs in these profiles. The lift cylinder, with no steel cable, provides a constant lifting speed and it has an accumulator.
The accumulator dampens movements through the vertical plane.

Hoses and cables that move with the boom are mounted in plastic hose arch.

The hydraulic balance adjustment with automatic centring responds immediately to commands from the driver or from the DistanceControl II system (optional).

Fully folded, the FG series can drive on public roads and has a transport width of 2.99 meters, depending on the tire size and track width.



Operation of hydraulic functions from the tractor cab
Spray booms high/low, with a single-action valve
Folding booms in/out up to 27 metres, with a dual-action valve
Folding booms in/out from 30 up to 48 metres, with a dual-action valve.